Article no: LF 100 118
The lanyard is made of woven polyester.
Plastic buckle and safety buckle in phthalate-free PVC.
The safety clamp is quick release in case of overload to prevent accidents.
The whole lanyard is eco-friendly.
Length 55-95 cm. Width 1.5 cm.

FlexO2 branded lanyard

Tubing nipple

Article no: LF 100 120
The tubing nipple is made of PP, pure unsterile product, MDD grade 1
Length 48 mm, outer diameter 4.3-6.2 mm.

Compound pipe


Article no: LF 100 121
Simplifies for the user, attach as close to the center of the body as possible.
Suitable for most existing oxygen gas hoses in the care.
For best comfort and minimum hose twist, let the hose run between the legs, minimizing the risk of tripping and the hose twisting.