Patient perspectives

Hear from individuals and families who have already benefitted from FlexO2:

Thanks to FlexO2, we were able to bring our son home from a long stay in the neonatal unit. Our wish to be able to gather the family for Christmas succeeded thanks to FlexO2. It delivered accurate oxygen doses to our little guy and was very easy to use.

The Henriksson family in Markaryd Family

I was completely dependent on someone outside to adapt the oxygen concentrator’s setting to the oxygen demand I needed. It caused anxiety because I needed help from others, in this case my wife. It has eroded our 45 year relationship as she has to be on hand to adjust my oxygen flow. Some time ago I came into contact with FlexO2. It has changed both my life and my wife’s. It allows me to make these adjustments myself, without being near the oxygen source. Absolutely fantastic.

Bruno Patient

Life has gotten incredibly so much better since I got FlexO2, although the disease itself is still a scourge. With FlexO2, oxygen treatment at home has now become an efficient reality.

Sigrid Patient

Now with FlexO2 I can sometimes help my husband with the cooking. That’s something I’ve missed that I can now do again.

Lisbeth Patient

I often don’t have the energy to fetch the coffee, let alone be able to open the door when people visit. I have felt trapped in my home while my husband is at work. Now with FlexO2, I have finally been able to move again and carry out everyday tasks. So FlexO2 is an absolutely amazing help, just wish I got it sooner.

Sylvia Patient

See FlexO2 in action in this video: