The Department of Pulmonary Medicine at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm conducted a qualitative study of FlexO2 over a six month period, in collaboration with Karolinska Institute and the Swedish Research Council. The study evaluated FlexO2 both from a patient, relative and staff perspective regarding user friendliness and function. 18 participants took part in the study, which took the following structure:

  1. Participants completed an initial questionnaire
  2. They then used FlexO2 for a three-month period, completing a questionnaire at the end of that time
  3. For the next three months, participants stopped using FlexO2, completing one final questionnaire at the end of the study period

When moving into the phase where the FlexO2 device was due to be taken away, almost half of the patients chose to leave the study to be able to keep using FlexO2.

The best thing that has happened to me in the last twenty years

A study participant